Our Aim

Have you ever seen a young person with lots of potential, but you knew they needed a little help
in order to accomplish their goals?

Well, the AIM of the Preston T. Ross, Jr. Mentoring Center is to help youth and young adults
(12-24) achieve their goals.  According to mentoring.org, when young people have someone who
cares about them and their day to day challenges, they feel like they matter.  Research confirms
that quality mentoring relationships have a personal effect in the personal, academic, and
professional life situations of individuals.

Author John C. Maxwell said, “All good mentoring relationships begin with a personal
relationship. As mentees get to know and like their mentors, the desire to follow their direction
and learn from them will increase.” Our aim is to dispense “quality mentoring with a personal
touch” by:

  • Assisting mentees to improve, as needed, academic or work- related attendance and performance

  • Offering support and encouragement to become productive members of society

  • Building trust, and establishing relationships with parents, teachers, and peers

  • Assisting in planning and implementing future goals

  • Encouraging them to turn away from detrimental circumstances involving drinking, drugs, and gangs

  • Not replacing loving parents and guardians or teachers, but to undergird them and the mentee